One of the first row rapists, why, why, why?

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A Platform report came form outside the traditional stand alone crying, I said. I sometimes these can not be said to be given back their rights. However, the continuation of the movement for 14 years a lot of violence, but I still did not give up shame to bear.
Internationally recognized as the International Children’s Day on November 0. I have never been in a district of its own correspondents and sometimes as a representative of the district in the country’s major media have been fortunate enough to work.
Although the content of the news naive loser woman shook the foundations of the law. I experience the way real women’s real names and identities of these victims never report did not use. I still do not. However, today, 14 years later, this same national media, the civil society as we know them, whom we know to be very civilized, very wise to say that we are busy autograph wear, sewer like a tick as a person occupies a part of the pride smile smiling. Just smile and do not say it, say it, show contempt for all human beings and women look in the eyes of the Greedy. However, it is society’s fault or not, because someone does not know, the evidence as a mark of shame sorasira masked any Punjabi has been left in the pocket. Although I do not believe in nature, a super realistic man.
Sundarapura name of the village. A crime was sixteen, becoming a victim of lust is the dominant of the village. Finally pregnancy. And after the uproar was gramamaya. Before the trial, the woman gramabasira kalankini the title of a private voluntary organization made barandaya arbiter. However, the events of the common law arbitration ineligible.
Standing alone in the midst of the sixteen salisera head down. Thousands of men around the team. How is pregnant, by whom these negotiations, there is no pest. Matabarara made the jury. Sixteen punishment. Meanwhile, the woman at the house unannounced, even though they have been ostracized. At this stage probably was mad nature or danger to the woman, and ekadapha nature and kept in a role.
The woman talks kalankini evidence. Who is the father of her unborn child, it went from uhyai. The village is known by everyone who has been performed. The inhuman father sitting under a tree in the hot sun for a bidi jbaliechilena, and in that the man died of cardiac arrest. And where is. Pregnancy: Women on the murder charge was dropped. There pregnancy bisati implied. Finally, confirm the identity of the child to be born without the pressure of the elders killings were addressed. The sixteen families were forced to leave the house.
Over the incident, Thakurgaon district, 105 similar cases were found. A girl with the help of the teachers could study up to class VIII. Finally, the name of the ninth grade education rejistresane to meet the specific form. The student did you write the name of his father’s house. The teacher said, is to write the name of the place of his piratara house. Narito Bengal, solid defender. He did not write. Everyone in the village knew, the student whose mother was a victim of lust. Finally, the students were told the school called a meeting, write the name of the man. I still remember, stay away from me, just 3 hands, hate fire that I saw on the faces of the students, it may not forget death. He protested the behavior of teachers with full salinata said, “The people of my mother’s rapist, no rapists, can not be my father.” While I was a journalist, but with all the teachers that day, the tears of my eyes from the storm was a small drop. According to the rules of incomplete registration forms were unacceptable. Student life stopped the day. All the teachers in the school, the students had gone the way of the poor, I was looking at. The state has the right, where we had to economics. However, I was repeatedly cursed myself, because I was a man. On that day, there was a flurry of silence. Do not talk to anyone because of the collapse of a star that we saw with our own eyes. You know, the student roll number was 01.
As a little known fact, some journalists a few days later with the enthusiasm of the students to write the story of the true name and identity of the student’s life is turned upside down diechila. Finally, the shame, the students left the area in a garment factory in Dhaka today is spent.

Women are still deprived of the helpless, and I’m done. Ara wants to get the support of the law, they went to the court to prosecute. Get the hand to the people of the society, one can say that DNA tests of the kind 0 of begging money submitted to the court. Satsamanya no lawyer to handle the case with honors. We have everything. Meanwhile, 9 women were able to confirm the identity of the child. According to the law, these children will receive equal rights of the rapist. But what is surprising is how many children are born, who has won a court victory, they did not take any property of the rapist. But the person has to introduce the area to be one of the rapists.

I write a new story. After reading this article, you will guess female sure that you are getting the autographs are, what the man was a rapist, a masked, a trickster? Yes, your guess is true.
1 year ago today. One fan was introduced to the author of the book fair. (For the sake of future-proof your real name and address is omitted). Hence love. What then is the city of the village, the men male maneto. Kadaryya nonra the woman body was displayed. The next day, he was. Even years. Hence pregnant: the fans of the famous writer told a teenager, he Pregnancy :. She wants to give birth. The child wants to get a valid identity. He was the author of the book are very discussed in sexual surasuri. It can be said in one word, a kind of immorality among adolescents is one of slow payajana enter.
Birangana willing to destroy the womb of the woman under any circumstances, hani. There were threats to kill him. Family, society ignores all of the women eventually moved to the Sea, a country of Oceania. In fact, being the single parent is allowed. The woman could not go to court because of the threat of the author.
Tribida I gave birth to the boy’s name. The 19-year-old boy tribida. Thousands of feet that greeted the woman, he do not want no means that the masked identity of the father of her child rapists. He hates it, the Bangladesh noted that rapists are sitting, let the cheating, and he does not. Because, from the rapist to protect herself and her children have.

Yeah, I’ll tell him the biranganai. I told him the story of the schoolgirl. How the poor schoolgirl who had refused to tell his father Dharsakake.
Osenira the woman’s face to the sea on fire in retaliation. A small village that people like me do not get scared, fierce hatred, and not only that, he blemishing public meeting place, called Twister batter ready to assemble. But the enthusiasm I biranganara fire burned in anger.
He tries not to wind up the identity of her child. He has determined that the obstacle to the development of the masked, masked man, a wicked, illegal wealth in a short time. Until recently, the children’s picture sense, his social status. Today’s highlight will be the presence of his glory, the prestige of the people. So, the first step down a legal battle. He wants to tribidera DNA test. He, however, by no means the identity of the father of her child Dharsakake do not want to wind up. Tribidera phone was supposed to happen, “a rogue exposed his intentions clear. That guy’s mother to leave the country, the society has been forced to leave, his face is a slap in the face, he wants to.” And if the trend of reduced crime ringleaders. Oitikuna tribida son, but to society as responsible, so no doubt slap in the face of our doing, who we still leave him a great seat.


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