Islamic militants want to identify? So, please accept my challenge

hqdefaultIslamic militants around the world suffer from fear. Islamic militants opposed to the above, but in many countries they are negotiating. Fighting the wrong interpretation of Islam by giving shelter to many Islamic militants. Once you consider your own. Do you think you’re doing in your area or to build bombs are illegal movement of weapons, the news surrounding the law enforcing agencies will know for sure. Then you definitely will be arrested.
But you see, thousands of Islamic militants publicly any city, in any country is weapons training. They are openly killing people, rape, and looting is. But their elimination is no force being applied. What is the name of fighting militants, it is a kind of joke?
Yes, all in a row can not be deleted. Many people who are actually doing in the fight against Islamic militants. However, it takes very surprised that President Clinton, Bush, Obama raiser they were militants. Hillary Clinton will not be wrong to say the arms dealers. Islamic militants in different parts of the world, including the Middle East to help people like Hillary Clinton had been with the terrorist activities. Hillary Clinton has taken part in all part of the Americans knew. Why have a party, I do not know, maybe it is, but it is believe that Hillary Clinton should be tried.
We all know this, that all the work is not fluent. If the newly elected President of the United States believes that, since the Islamic militants follower of Islam, the religion of Islam concerning the safety of its people take stringent measures announced. And Hillary Clinton’s supporters, including human rights groups and the media noise has started. but why?

Trump says that the president is not a single moment, all Muslims should be killed? He did not say it. Islamic militants have killed all of the Muslim world has created turmoil. The country’s president that his country would ensure the safety of all citizens is the rule. President Triumph doing so.
I have a tiny journalist, writer, and blogger. So, my question to the journalists that the election of any candidate for any direct or strategic way to run a campaign press law is valid? If you are a news reporter. This does not mean that you would campaign for or against anyone. Because, you are not a journalist, but you judge. The press law has the power to give opinions about anything. In my opinion, the American media did not play a neutral role. And this yellow journalism.
I think, the position of president of the Trump yellow journalism has proved more qualifications. The media should have taken lessons from here.
Islamic militants and other world media largely responsible for the war. I hope the President will trump more stringent measures. Because the media in violation of the press law, which he will take the role of the media ban.
I repeat, I am a journalist. I did not bow down to anyone. I believe in the freedom of the press. But those opposed to independence, the conflict that led to the independence of the country. I am a journalist, but I’m not god or not a judge.
I know it’s contradictory to my writing. Still, I was compelled to write. I also know that I absolutely despise the big journalist. However, it is believed that, as journalists from the world’s biggest captures humanity, I think maybe more than captures humanity. I do not do business with the news. I write news for the people, for humanity, for the country, for the world. No one person or interest to implement an agenda, I do not journalism. We adopted this policy because, in many media, I was fired. Regrettably, I do not have it.
The most famous of all the reporters say, “How can you say Islamist militants are expanding? What is their behavior? What is their language?” Many of you may know that I can not do it. However, let us, I’ll showed Who supporter of Islamic militants, raiser. Their written language, speaking a few words in the language or characters, which can be understood by looking closely connected with the Islamic militants. I have a lot of research and we’re yet to Islamic militants. Therefore, the Islamic militants who are involved with it very easy for me to find out. Only 10 minutes to be able to hear the words, a Muslim and who is not a fighter. Or any cii writing, reading books or any other kind of writing I can not say, whether the text published by Islamic militants.
I’m surprised is not it? Here, there is nothing like being surprised. I see an opportunity, I have a helper Islamic militants, the host and the Islamic militant’ll find.
Principals of all countries of the world and the world media have the courage to come forward. Please accept my challenge.

Let the people to win, win, whether humanity


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