German Embassy “You are unable to understand the dangers”

People mourn Prince's death, Minneapolis, America - 21 Apr 2016I was very hurt that you are unable to understand the danger. The one thing you do not understand humanity. You are trying to show the world that you are a humanist. I believe that you do not practice themselves of humanity. I say this, not because they do not give me shelter.
Instead of giving shelter to me in the name of months, I hope you have with. You asked me numerous documents, which I have provided. Have proven to you that the Islamic militants to kill me looking for. You also have evidence that Islamic militants attacked a number of times in order to kill me. I miraculously survived their attacks. My wife and child until the end of the Islamic militants have threatened to kill. You also know that, for fear of Islamic militants escaped from the city, I’m hiding in the villages. You are also informed that the authorities told me that I ran away because of my work, I can not send them to the needs of the press. For this reason, television, newspaper and online newspaper has given me a job to escape.
Previously only had fled for fear of death. After a job in extreme financial distress may have fallen.
I did not want to come to you for any financial help. The Islamic militant group of Islamic militants on the research I stand for the threat. This is why they want to kill me any strategy. Bangladesh’s intelligence department, senior police officials took to the discovery that the JMB leader Abdul Awal reason police caught me. The police Shaikh Abdur Rahman, Rahman along with other militants were able to arrest. Islamic militant groups have been trying to kill me ethically.
I am a generous exception of Journalism blogger. Different time, different religions, especially Islam, due to write about certain inconsistencies, including Islamic fundamentalism Muslim militants angry at me.
Due to escape, I lost my job. The only child of my studies have been almost on the verge of being closed. I knew, I would have believed and believe that almost all the progressive journalists, the media and publicity campaign to defend humanity, but they do not save humanity. They are not isolated by any journalist in danger. But the journalists were fired into trouble as quickly.
We have achieved several awards in journalism because investigative journalism, received a number of letters of thanks. I was lucky that the highest and widely discussed in the press, I have been able to work with reputation. Prothom Alo, TV, kalekantha, said the reputation you’ve worked with.
That’s why almost all of the media business has been built. So, my grief is not journalism. I have the best journalism in the press, and I wish I could be rich if illegally. If I had to compromise the principles of the Islamic militant group, would not conflict with any political party. Even that would have been unethical to a compromise may have improved a lot in my life. But I never compromise with principle: Yes. So, I do not have any bank balance and financial solvency.
As you may know, the real journalists, they were alone after one stage of life. There is no financial solvency. I am in my life without human services. I did not see the eyes of different people of any religion or dissent. But I do not claim to be an atheist and believe that religion is humanity.
I have my talent Bangladesh, given labor. Healthy way to live in this country, but I could not do any action. Islamic militant groups are no political parties in the country, involved in terrorism and corruption. I showed people still dream that one day peace will come back. But, now that I’m looking to escape the fear.
I am a football lover man. I did fly the flag of the German World Cup. I like the Germans ethically. German regime, the German history, prosperity, human coexistence has always impressed me. Germany continued to pay tribute to the love of my teenage years.
Germany’s contribution to the history of the independence of India was much higher. I personally am not a plaintiff Gandhi. Rather, Subhash Chandra Bose, lal bahadur sastri believe that actions like the leaders. Marxism, Leninism shook my existence.
Although I am not anti-Muslim nation, anti-Muslim tradition. Violent Islamic militants killing people want to establish a religion. What is peace, freedom and decency What is it they want to understand women.
I’m hiding in disguise in some villages, where we have witnessed that Muslims are always other people’s views on the mental, the physical torture. The shelter and condone this evil aggressor is not any political party leaders and activists. The organization’s staff and supporters of radical militants to recover public support for the mosque, has continued to build orphanages. However, the country now has a progressive government in power, still helping grassroots leaders and activists of religious extremists. I am very worried that Bangladesh is going to become a violent militancy in the country. But to prevent the militancy of our investigative journalists and bloggers are able to work independently, or if the government could provide security in our lives, however, we are normal people could encourage them to speak out against violent militant group.
But my unfortunate that the government is not doing anything for people like me freethought. Rather, in the hands of the Islamic militant group a journalist, blogger and government spokesmen said that the murders, “Islam is not writing about them is that!”.
As you may know, for the safety of my life, almost all the progressive writers, journalists fled the country, and I have been advised to take shelter in another country. I’m going to try. Islamic militants attacked me, my problem without considering the kalerakantha authorities, it fired me without any notice. I wore was crazy. I was feeling so helpless that, I thought, should I not commit suicide. Hence, 015 in one night, I am prepared to commit suicide. Before the suicide of a friend on Facebook, Twitter friends, my co-workers on Facebook to write a last letter. After writing the letter, in addition to Bangladesh, Germany, Australia, America and many countries, including journalists, writers, progressive people, diplomatic you to bring me out of the way and tried to commit suicide. The Facebook “Fight Back”, a team has to try to save me. Finally the police came and took me out. On that day I did not commit suicide.
I’ve timed to serve the people all his life. Surely I can not be a gift for me in a brutal death. I’m sure my son will be able to develop as a humanitarian.
Yet, the threat of Islamic militants continued, I was able to escape from the city, then I thought, I do not have the right to live in such a violent religious group in the country.
I write a letter to you, all these things are. The news was brought to me, many of you sent for consideration. The month after the month you want to document different from me, passport, so I did. Yes, I acknowledge that I have repeatedly reminder letters. Perhaps this is why I am bothering you wrote to me, you’re very sensitive about political asylum. For these reasons, the moment I can not do anything for shelter issue donation!
Sir, you have seen Islamic militants Ananta, Rajib, who killed Abhijit. Abhisit had been in exile in America. Rajiv, eternal life, including the safety of all bloggers were praying for the safety of government over the years. The embassy of the country of refuge. Other dutabasara reassure them that you like German Embassy. They provide a variety of documents as much as I did. Maybe they would have been murdered by Islamic militants who gave refuge. After the murder, the head of state of various countries, diplomatic and embassy condemned. The investigation of the murder is sought. Messages of condolence were paid for them.
Sir, I ask you very politely that the mourning after the death of a journalist or blogger messages, are used to investigate to what extent? They were artisans to build a beautiful community. What would become of them if they sheltered in other countries?
Thousands seek refuge in the shelter are candidates too. The shelter provides the shelter of a journalist or a blogger, then you will become like a big loss for the country, too?
Sir, I know that other people have no shelter, not prestigious. Yeah, I admit it, that no man goes to work abroad for a change in monetary only life. They sweep the streets in a foreign land, and no one is working. As you may know, this is a prestigious profession.
I am involved in the profession and the public as to the honors received, it never get as a refugee. Once you think about it, what the hobby is one that honors who seek refuge in other countries? To me, money is not a big thing. honor a big thing to me.
Still, I have to seek refuge in this because I want to die safe. I do not want to be brutally murdered by Islamic militants. I sure would like to write my writing. I want to stay alive for the progressive establishment of a society. I am against the Islamic militant group to the common people write to me, I would like to convey my thoughts. Because of me, my wife and children are suffering, he prayed for protection reasons.
Went to work for the people all his life. Why do I have to pay any of these brutal death? I wish condolence message after such a brutal death, why should I? Why do I have to wait for such a brutal death? Like you like us to have a civilized and progressive nations and the murder of journalists and bloggers will happen and why?
A lot of people are civilized and intelligent. Many other progressive countries of the world.
So I ask you, me, we do not tell that to the factory of death. You for this world, for the common people to help us live. You civilized nation. So, for you to stay alive, to seek refuge, it’s my right. I believe that, me and my writing resumes are reviewed by bloggers like me / us will be shelter. This may, for example, will be unique in order to save humanity. So, to save humanity, to keep us alive, our refuge, and the praying.

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